A Glimpse of Mauritius

Find statistics about Mauritius and how this jurisdiction is ideal for a relocation.

  • General population – 1.3 million people
  • Languages – English, French, Creole and Asian languages
  • Adult literacy rate – 92.7% (2017)
  • Exclusive Economic Zone – 2.3 million km2
  • GDP Per Capita, PPP – USD 21,640 (2017)
  • GDP growth rate – 3.9% (2017)


Since gaining its independence in 1968, Mauritius has went through a remarkable transformation. Previously active in the monoculture of sugarcane, today it prides itself in having a strong and diversified economy. Success and development have paved their way thanks to some key fundamentals, which are the economic democratization, inclusive growth, development of human capital and social mobility.


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