Your relocation to Mauritius, by expatriates

June 13, 2023

Embarking on a new chapter to paradise

Living in Cape Town, known for its natural beauty, we thought we had found our slice of paradise. During our holidays in Mauritius, little did we know that an even more idyllic paradise awaited us.

Our two kids being relatively young, it’s fair to say we did not need to put a lot of effort to convince them of our relocation. Especially with the prospect of them going kitesurfing every weekend!

However, we didn’t know where to start, especially with our furry member of the family – our adorable Golden Retriever. We therefore decided to get in touch with professionals, who themselves are expatriates. Charles’ expertise and care relieved our anxieties, and from that moment, our relocation plans were set in motion.

We found the most appropriate schools for our kids, which is not that far from our home. They introduced ourselves to a community of expats originating from South Africa. We are feeling at home.

PLEION Real Estate’s professionalism and support have been unwavering, providing us with a reassuring presence throughout the process. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a smooth and stress-free relocation.

Jan and Michelle from Cape Town, in Mauritius since 2016

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Changing direction: our move from city to island-life

Leaving behind the bustling city life of London, we yearned for a change that would bring us closer to nature and tranquillity.

Overwhelmed with the prospect of relocating, we turned to PLEION Real Estate to guide us. It was obvious to us that we needed professionals who lived on the island to avoid any last-minute “surprises”, especially for me with my high blood pressure!

We had anticipated our relocation and were prepared for this new adventure.

We never doubted our choice since Charles immediately understood our objectives. He took the reins of our relocation, ensuring our “hands-free” transition to our new island-life, enjoying our new life and this beautiful country to the fullest.

Peter and Emmy from London, in Mauritius since 2021

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Charles Devieilhe, Director of PLEION Real Estate

Born in France, Charles has over 15 years’ expertise in international real estate and relocation, with more than a hundred property transactions, and several relocations completed during his career in Mauritius. Put this experience at work and ease the transition to your new life.

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