Institutional Management

Institutional Management, a service offered by Pleion SA.

Our expertise and strengths

  • The management of our Pension Fund which allows us to stay up to date with changes in the legal environment, and more than 30 years’ experience attending to the financial and administrative needs of pension funds and also acting as discretionary managers
  • A structured investment policy that can adapt to the specific needs of pension funds
  • Top Invest, a long-standing and proven management tool in constant evolution, dedicated to the monitoring and management of large pension funds


Our target clients

  • Small-sized pension funds, family or charitable foundations, companies with strong cash positions, or any type of non-corporate body constrained by the obligation to follow an index reference or benchmark-based management and who work only on the basis of a contractual remuneration
  • Entrepreneurs, professionals, independent workers…having invested all their energy and savings in their enterprise and who have not planned for their retirement or who look for tax optimisation