About us

Based in Mauritius, we are a company specialising in the sale of luxury villas and apartments.

Welcome to an unparalleled realm of quality living in Mauritius, showcased by PLEION Real Estate. Discover our exceptional collection of high-quality real estate properties, each reflecting an enticing blend of prestige, sophistication, and authenticity.

Nestled in the captivating beauty of Mauritius, our properties offer a harmonious mix of modern opulence and traditional charm. Each estate is thoughtfully curated, presenting panoramic ocean views, tranquil gardens, and lavish interiors for an unrivalled lifestyle experience.

Our properties epitomize quality and style. With features ranging from private beach access to state-of-the-art amenities, they provide the essence of high-standard island living. Whether you’re drawn to a serene beachfront villa, a vibrant city penthouse, or a tranquil mountainside estate, we cater to your unique preferences.

Our dedicated team brings profound knowledge of the Mauritian and international real estate market to guide you in selecting your dream home. We ensure a personalised, rewarding journey in finding a property that suits your tastes.

Experience high-end living in the heart of the Indian Ocean with PLEION Real Estate. You’re not just buying a property; you’re stepping into a world of luxury and elegance.

Welcome to extraordinary living.


What sets us apart

  • A personalised approach adapted to your needs
  • Quick, easy and flawless communication
  • Our expertise and global approach allow us to bring a complete set of services to both local and international clients
  • Strong and lasting relationships with a broad network of partners around the world

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