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April 29, 2016

Should you wish to avoid the restlessness of everyday life, for a few days or forever, PLEION Real Estate will take care of everything for you. Whether an idyllic vacation, professional or relocation project or any other wishes, PLEION Real Estate will know, right down to the tiniest of details how to make your dreams come true. As a matter of fact, from their sophisticated headquarters in Grand Bay, the talented team has been, for many years, providing comprehensive assistance to a European clientele, whose habits and desires are well understood by their team. From flight bookings to taking possession of your dwelling keys, they totally commit themselves in facilitating your relocation, without subcontracting the process! Their trustworthy team will take care of your administrative burdens, leaving you stress free.

Imagine… The driver will fetch you at the airport and shall make your moving around a real joy. He will take you to the residence booked by our logistic team, according to your very own preferences… and who knows, perhaps this is only temporary as you wait for the completion of your dream house, which is being closely monitored by PLEION Real Estate. Once you have settled in comfortably, the team will assist and accompany you in obtaining your residence permit or help in the preparation of your personal tax returns. Their experts will take care of your company’s relocation, which can comprise of the staffs as well or any procedures involved in your move to Mauritius… Life is also a matter of comfort and passion! Should you be an avid seaman, PLEION Real Estate will find the best place for you to anchor your yacht or will undertake the necessary procedures to ensure that your faithful dog joins you. Looking for domestic staff or skilled employees for your company? Our team will assist you in recruiting the very best as per your requirements and can even, should you wish, take care of the payroll administration… Honestly speaking, there is no limit to what they  can do: your well-being is their priorty!


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