We accompany you in all your requests and steps to make your arrival and your life in Maurice as peaceful as possible.

Mauritius offers an exceptional lifestyle. The island has a climate and an environment that allows this harmony between the business world and the lifestyle, ideal for a relocation. You have access to quality services with well-established local and international banks, a reliable internet network, modern and developing motorways, the security and the living environment, a bilingual population and excellent schools for your children, as well as its strategic location between Europe, Africa and Asia. All these factors establish Mauritius as an ideal country to live and work. Another important factor in this decision is the advantageous tax system. Click here to discover all the reasons why Mauritius is ideal for you.

As part of your relocation, we take care of everything. We make your life easier and accompany you through this essential stage of your life.


Our relocation service includes:

  • Support for the purchase or rental of your property
  • Real estate maintenance and organisation
  • Accompanying you in the application for your occupation or residence permit, those of your family and your employees
  • Follow up with the authorities and with the immigration
  • Management and the renewal of your occupation permit
  • Selection of the appropriate school for your child or children
  • Importing your pets
  • Selection of sports clubs for you and your family, according to your favourite activities

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