Wealth Structuring

Wealth Structuring, a service offered by Sunibel.

The Group offers a complete and bespoke wealth structuring solution on an international scale. We leverage on our experience in the financial world and an extensive network of experts across the world to cater for the needs of our clients. We are present in Switzerland, Mauritius and Hong Kong and our Group offers a broad range of accounting, legal, financial and tax services. We put a lot of emphasis on quality, confidentiality and promptitude whist we remain focused on our clients’ needs at all time.


Situational analysis

This analysis is undertaken from a personal, family and professional perspective. It includes financial investments, immovable property, works of art, income sources, expenses, objectives in terms of financial and private return and wishes for asset transmission.


Definition of a wealth-structuring project

This involves appropriate planning and optimisation in terms of asset protection and transmission, retirement, tax, asset diversification, accounting consolidation of all asset types, and relocation in an effective and sustainable manner.


Implementation of the project

This involves the setting up of the appropriate legal entities (Trust, Foundation, Company), reorganising and optimising immovable and financial assets, succession planning through the establishment of wills and organising for asset relocation if required.