Wealth Supervision

Wealth Supervision, a service offered by  Business Data Integrator and Sunibel Private Services.

In the context of a holistic approach to professional advice, a global vision of the wealth situation of our clients is essential. Firstly, it allows you to have a clear view of the situation in terms of investments in bankable and non-bankable assets and securities.

Secondly, this global approach will allow a permanent readjustment of asset allocation based on the risk criteria and return expectations of our client.


Multi-custodian consolidation

Analysis of the securities portfolio of multiple custodian banks across different jurisdictions.
Consolidation of asset allocation, analysis of charges and performance.

Modular and customisable value-files

Since wealth situations differ, you are able to define in a targeted and personalised manner the allocation of various investments in asset classes corresponding to your objectives and wishes.



Personalised reporting

We offer to our Ultra High Net Worth Individual, Family Office or Institutional clients, a tailor made reporting that caters your individual needs.